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Sugar Free Gourmet Chocolate Gifts

     We offer a variety of Sugar Free Chocolate Gifts to choose from. These are great gifts for diabetics or people who don't want sugar products. Nicely packages and very tasty. Checkout our selection below.

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Sugar Free Sweet Deceit Chocolate Gift Box

Sweet Deceit Boutique Sugar Free

Sweet Deceit is a blend of fine cacao beans, roasted with the same care and attention as our Choclatique cacao beans. We subtly sweeten Sweet Deceit chocolate with Maltitol. Sweet Deceit chocolates are available in solid milk or dark chocolate, chocolate and nuts, and fresh cream and European butter ganache truffles--all 100% sugar-free. They are smooth, creamy and delicious with no unpleasant after-taste. We encourage you to compare these Authentically American flavors with our Choclatique originals. You won't believe they're really sugar-free!



Sugar Free Heart Shaped Chocolates Gift Box

Sweet Deceit Love Indulgence Sugar Free



Amber Lyn Dark Sugar Free Truffles (5613)



Sugar Free Variety Gift Basket



8 Amber Lyn Sugar Free Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars
Amber Lyn Sugar Free Dark Belgian Chocolate Bars



Zero Point Mint Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
Sacred Heart Zero Pointe Mint 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart is a special raw organic vegan chocolate designed for people who are concerned about blood sugar related issues such as diabetes. It is a simple peppermint dark chocolate which uses organic ERYTHRITOL (similar to Xylitol) as a sweetener. Erythritol is considered to register zero on the glycemic index. This chocolate scored very high on Dr. Gabriel Cousens' special energy test. This chocolate is semi-sweet. Whole peppermint leaf is stone ground right into this chocolate. In addition, a VERY special essential oil of peppermint from France is used where the distiller distills from FRESH peppermint leaves--an extremely difficult task to achieve which results in a SUPERB, deep yet subtle peppermint flavor without a candy-like taste. Erythritol is slightly cooling on the tongue and matches up well with cool peppermint! The cacao bean currently being made into Zero Pointe Mint is called the Arriba Nacional from Ecuador.



Sugar Free Bouquet Large
This Sugar Free Bouquet has 22 chocolate pieces, and 65 hard candies that are all sugar free. This bouquet is finished off with a bow and wrapped in a cellophane bag.


Candy for Diabetics

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